Naked 100 E-Liquid - GO NANAS 60ml - 60ML

Naked 100 E-Liquid - GO NANAS 60ml - 60ML


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Naked Vape Juice is a very popular brand, that was created by The Schwartz. They are carried around the globe and this e liquid never disappointing.

Go Nanas has the flavor profile of sliced bananas that are served over top a fresh bowl of delicious cream.

The inhale consist of the tropical banana taste that makes mouth water like a tropical rain forest.

Upon exhaling is when the cream with more banana flavouring comes into play. The exhale complements the inhale so perfectly and together it makes up one of the best tasting cream e juice flavours ever.

The throat hit is smooth and refreshing.

 It is the perfect e liquid for any fruit lover. We loved the real life banana flavouring, it really makes this e liquid unique. Grab some today!

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